Thinking of putting Tyga mini indicators on the front is there anything I need...


Thinking of putting Tyga mini indicators on the front, is there anything I need or do they just go where standard ones are? Already running Tyga on the rear....

Been given a pay rise at work, so hopefully means can get the Tyga levers aswell

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  • This is getting confusing

  • No need for new relay as there is only one relay that does the front and back (under the headlight).

  • Ok gotcha. So I just need indicators??

  • Apparantely you will need adaptors to make it fit on the front. I have the tyga indicators and can add the two adaptors for you too.

  • Ok cool. What are the adapter things?

  • These are the ones I have.

  • So the indicators go into them?

  • I believe so. When I finally get my bike and I install my indicators, I'll let you know for sure

  • Ok cheers - sorry for the long as delay in replying... Thought I done it yesterday

  • No problem.