Thinking of selling my msx 125 what u reckon it s worth just hit 2800 miles 64...

Thinking of selling my msx 125 what u reckon it's worth just hit 2800 miles 64 plate no mot needed till Oct 2017 has service history will have new lock set so bran new keys...

  • I'm going to take off the throttle boddie and injection system and put a cg pumper carb on it and a bit of head work have a little play with the head and put a cam init and gear it different it should be good fun

  • Don't go fuckin it up now Robert John Palmer

  • Haven't you only just got it and made a custom exhaust? Don't make any rash decisions mate. Plenty of time to make it yours!

  • Hey I'm not gunna fuck nothing up I reckon I can gain at least 11hp from the 125 going old school...

  • Yeah hence why I've decided to keep it and have a play

  • A bit of research and talking to a bike mechanic that's good with these engines told me a fair bit a Z40 cam and headwork is good place to start he's told me

  • I need to know a good sprocket to get for front and back not over priced as I want to try a few before I spend money...

  • I'm going to a rolling road tomorrow just to see what it's running a free session off my mate

  • I ain't got silly money to play around with the fuel injection system...but I do know a fair bit about carbs and head maybe that's a good way to start blank off sensors and use a carb by by wires lol

  • Or, just put an aprillia 2 stroke in it.

  • Peter Taylor might as well buy a 2 stroke and have comfort!

  • I think you bought the wrong bike then. Don't like the motor, don't like the ride. What do you like about it?

  • What mods have you done to your bike so far?

  • Exhaust and air filter when it comes

  • Air box mod is a must will give you the extra power for free.

  • Not a fan of it rather have a takegawa air filter ;)

  • I have a DNA air filter let's more air in.

  • Jay Murray I won it in a raffle for 3 quid mate so ain't gunna spend 35 off quid on.sum hose and a air filter lol

  • Happy day's mate well done.

  • Thanks