• Thinking of selling the V H Longshots with the V H slash cut tips They have...

    Thinking of selling the V&H Longshots with the V&H slash cut tips. They have there baffles . in real nice shape. Would ask 250 plus shipping. Any interest

    • Why are you selling them? What year bike?

    • 1999 VT110C3, I may do a bagger exhaust

    • wish I could but with my Canadian money and shipping the price would climb to high for me.

    • Hi Collin Baldwin, I'm interested to buy them!!!

    • I will get a shipping quote and let you know. I already have your address

    • Collin Baldwin can you post another pics of V&H?..thank you

    • Collin I am interested, can you quote shipping to Hill Island NewYork it's at the Canadian border. I am close to there. Thanks

    • Sure, i will let you know

    • Still looking to sell?