thinking this needs to be fixed


thinking this needs to be fixed

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  • Nah your fine!! :)

  • duct tape good as new lol

  • Spray some WD-40 on it, it'll be fine

  • Or you can go here and get the materials to properly repair it.

  • No bullets will only happen again. Solder and shrink tube. The vibration with a pinch connector plus the heat generated will only cause bullets to loosen and cause bigger problems.

  • Never had a problem with crimped connectors. Soldered connectors break where the solder end which is why all joints in military aircraft are crimped. (ex-RAF). I have used crimped connectors for years and never had a failure - it's best to use a proper crimping tool though not a pair of pliers or those horrible pressed steel things.

  • True. But as an auto technician who specializes in electronics proper soldering is what i would recommend. Male to female bullets will loosen. A butt or crimp conector will hold tightly with the proper tool used. I prefer in that case the uninsulated butt connectors with the solder inside and mild heat application to melt the solder and create a greater electrical connection. Resistance and arcing is what causes the heat to build and rise, thus loosening non soldered joints and causing higher heat and bigger arcs and then eventually melting. Each of those wires is carrying 60 V Ac not a lot but enough.

  • An inexperienced tech can make crappy crimps or they can overheat and damage the wire during soldering or under heat and have a cold solder where nothing takes. Theres a fine line between mastery and all else.

  • As an Avionics electronics engineer I absolutely get that, an inadvertent resistance caused by a poor joint will generate heat and that will just exacerbate the poor joint leading to more heat and failure especially in a high current cct on the generator output. I think mine was the best solution for electronics engineers but yours was best for the inexperienced majority :-)

  • Heh heh - damn right :-D

  • That is surely one of our most frequent issues!! They didn't use heavy enough wire for the charging system!!

  • Might as well upgrade the rectifier too

  • That's fine just put some black tape around it and you're good to go

  • Common fault, had to do mine at least 3 times.

  • If you did it three times look at Carl Chiaramonte's post to do a good job. Jus' sayinn'

  • The bike has now 100,000 miles and that really has been the only problem, the last repair I took a bit of time, now seems ok,