This c t needs a slap

This c**t needs a slap

  • When I went to a bike night yesterday, nobody was taking pictures of all the gixxers, panigales etc etc. They were all taking pictures of my msx and we're coming back to it and just loving it.

  • Load of crap. Plenty of people have 'big and heavy motorcycles' as well as an MSX.

  • Exactly everyone I've met up with or have seen have always asked about it some people.....

    Plus he was all like Honda is shit blah blah blah

    So I said look after it a always upgrading parts on the msx it's fine.

    His response was #teamyamaha, he clearly wants to have anal with rossi

  • Mr I can get my knee down.... stick your poxy yammy in a field or track full of puddles holes full of shit and ride it across

  • Rossi might like that though ;)

  • Hondas are gay, i love mine to bits just about to fit some rearsets to the big small gay lovable bike. I have no problem with my sexualality amd i don't think any of the big bikes did either last night as tore back from Bury.

  • Well all I can say is whenever I get a bigger bike, I'm gonna try to keep my msx because it is so fun. People who hate it, hate it because they've never tried it and have the '125s are shit' still going in their head.

  • Nowt wrong with a 125, i took GSXR K3 1000 for a bit of work and dyno run the other day, they loaned me a P reg tatty looking GS500E, i absolutely loved it, such and easy bike to ride and a lot more comfortable than the GSXR or MSX.....i didn't want to give the tatty old thing back.

  • Let her think what she wants... Who cares what some random bitch on the internet says?

  • For some reason these people are a bit ignorant

    I pulled up on my MSX ( that while we are talking about it I love much more than any of my big bikes ) and this guy overheard my conversation about a big bore kit , he strolled up and told me to put my money into doing my test and get a realbike

    I had to laugh then told him

    I had passed my test and had a Daytona, duke and MV

    Lmfao and out of all of them the msx was the best

    He still didn't understand and wanted to know why I was pissing about on a scooter ( his words) if I had them

    Some people have to extend their penis imo with big a engine they can't use :)

  • The one thing I hate is ignorant people....

    Riding is nothing serious it's all fun