This is a 1982 Honda Motra I think if the Chinese started repoping these they...


This is a 1982 Honda Motra...I think if the Chinese started repoping these they would sell a bunch of them

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  • Quicker no problem. Off the line it's embarrassing. My stock 250 smokes it like its standing still. That's without a new variator and clutch, standard weights, stock exhaust, etc.

    Basic laws of mass forward and acceleration art simple. The ch 80 is so light and the stock clutch beat if off the line easily so yes it's quicker.

  • Yes the Motras are groovy little bikes too.

  • Coooool!

  • I love the stripped down simple look of this one.

  • I'm positive my ruckus is a 250! It even says big ruckus on the side!

  • Right after I picked up that trashed C70 Honda, I discovered info on those and have been collecting pics and stuff. Instead of restoring the bike I figure it might be better to weld up a frame and racks, like the Motra, over it using the original frame as the backbone. Already purchased all the lights that match.

  • Smart idea!

  • - Thanks Rick. 125 Lifan install will probably be the easiest part of the project!

  • My mockup on a C70. Definately need to get a Honda trail handlebar set. Rear fender to be cut at seam as its trashed anyway and currently looking for old ATV fenders to replace.

  • Are you going to use steel, tubing???

  • You may be starting a trend

  • Cub adventure bike

  • I miss my welder. I just might get a Sears wire feed for cheap.

  • I'll go as big as you can up to 160 pit bike engine.

  • Original hub but wider rim and stout spokes. Rear wheel fits but front forks will need to be widened. Not a problem. I'm now thinking a Lifan 140 more appropriate to the project?

  • I wonder if you could transplant a Honda 200 engine in there- with all the welding and all.

  • If it's not horizontal, no the main frame tube is in the way

  • Cut and rework it. Gusset away!

  • Too much work. Another frame selection would better for that. Motra is underbone attached motor welded to a frame. I felt like a cheap frame ove a Passport mimicks that look with much less effort.

  • I really like the Shinko 244...great tires

  • Great price and perfect look for this project