This is a pic of the 350x carb i bought from Hunter Hardiman for 60 I got an...


This is a pic of the 350x carb i bought from Hunter Hardiman for 60$ , I got an empty envelope and he collected the insurance from it along with my 60......

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  • He bought one already.

    But nice gesture man.

  • It was an envelope and not a box? I've sent mail before with USB drives in the envelopes and they never arrived. I'm sure something will work out. If he had insurance on it and it is being processed I'm sure things will work out.

  • So the whole story... For those who care....I sent him the carb for 60 ... The package was ripped open and the carb was lost... I got refunded only 50 from the post office.. And it cost 6 to ship... I told him I was getting a 400ex carb and I would send him my other 350x carb but it would be a couple weeks... He had already bout another one for. 95 ... So even though I lost the carb and the shipping money I still sent him the 60 dollars via mail... I shoulda done paypal and regret that now ... The post office said it was delivered and he says it wasn't... It took some time for this to all happen and I guess he got frustrated while waiting... Also I hadn't seen his messages bc of this new dumb Facebook message thing ... So for those who wanna call names I don't really care ... I have recently done transactions with two people on this page ... One has commented on this post ... And everything went great and smooth with them ... I have a clear conscience about this and have friends who have commented on this post that can vouch for me

  • Sounds like me with TPC just an accidental disaster.

  • Sounds good to me. Your credit is restored in my book.

  • Yayou have to add anyone you want to send a pm to.

  • That's like me when I went off at Bill with TPC when I didn't know the whole situation, if it's accurate and I am assuming it is, things just got worse and worse until no one was happy. But credit is restorable or unscuffable. Sean Ridgway is good friends with Bill and doesn't have to be with me, at least on FB, but he hasn't seamed to let my past transaction ruin a Facebook friendship or credit by something he or no one else understands. Accidents happen but things work out.

  • Miscommunication can cause alot of crap on both ends, ESP if there's a third party involved

  • Don't air it on facebook and it would be fine.

  • Hey somebody's probably got a carburetor for the 350 actually laying around why don't they give the guy one come on guys are all buddies