This is my true love

This is my true love .

  • There mine

  • Welcome

  • Nice bike...welcome

  • Thank you . Wow yours is way better what would that colour be called . Your profile pic are you mid corner or just rolling on ? I love it

  • I really can't remember but I think it was rolling in to the turn. Haha...and thanks...I do all my own work. It's plasti dip (peelable removable auto paint) believe it or not. And the colour is called "cosmic eclipse". For will be different soon...still deciding on colour. But it will be another crazy colour of some kind.

    I really like the black and red on has a classic Pop to it!!

  • Cool . The red is a hi vis. it glows under blue light ( ultraviolet) and it pops on overcast days. Look forward to seeing the next colour you have planned.

  • Goodlooking bike !

  • Thanks , I noticed on yours you have Michelin rubber how would you rate them, against Dunlop sportsmax. Your bike looks sweet.

  • Thanks man. New plastic. Only had Michelins. Havent had the bike long. New rubber when i traded for it. Recently raised the preasure from 28 to 32. So far im happy with whats on it.

  • Love the red inlay on urs and the whole look u have going on. Really sharp

  • Dope ride