This is what greatness looks like Harkabusic Header for my 86 350x Now do y...


This is what greatness looks like. Harkabusic Header for my 86 350x. Now do y'all believe me when I've been saying. "I've been buying stuff to restore my 350x."

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  • Nice! Looks awesome Hunter Hardiman

  • Xr400 you say?...looks good...

  • What year xr?

  • A 400ex stock headpipe will not fit up to a stock 350x muffler. I know I've tried it. The headpipe hits at the back of the motor that's Wher the cut has to take place on mine.

  • nice! where do i get one?!?


    Email them and they will reply. They pretty much do any and all custom work.

  • Richard where in the world did you get front bead locks? That looks really nice! Seeing that makes me want to get a complete set to powder coat to match everything else when it all goes to get coated BABY BLUE!

    I didn't know about that XR 400 bolt on and I'm pretty sure many people don't. If you look on the page I have a post asking, "Is this stock?" Asking about my existing headers that I noticed were missing the heat shield when my friends Hunter and James had weren't so I just ordered one off eBay. And it had no bungs to bolt. BUT, before I had made that post I had already paid for and ordered and the header was already shipped. My "Stock" header isn't stock. It is an old school Cobra or DG. But for those who have the skills to make the 400EX mod I think they should do it. I don't have the time. I'm on break from college working as a pest control tech. But I can tell you the outside cuts and bends were all cleaned up to the point you can barely tell.

  • Kelly See I made that bead lock wheel out of a set of 10 inch quad wheels,, the hub is a set of lone star quad hubs milled to fit,, and sandwiched all together....

  • Yah that's legit man

  • here is a closer shot