This ll probably open up a can of worms But what octane of gas do you put in...

This'll probably open up a can of worms. But what octane of gas do you put in your Honda Shadow ? I've got a 750. And do you ever use octane booster ? Or carb/injector additive to your gas ?

  • Allway run good gas in a bike helps keep carbs clean, keeps away spark knock and you get better gas milage.

  • I always use high octane I get better mileage the bike runs good

  • B12 chemtool once in awhile

  • In my 1100, non-ethanol 87 or better. Or high test with additive

  • 93

  • Non ethanol 91 up here in canada for me

  • better mpg & cleaner engine with 87 non ethanol

  • I ran 87 octane and once a month 93 shell premium gas , as far as mpgs I haven't noticed any difference the bike runs well with either

  • Shadows are made to run 87 octane. They do not need additives. If you just want to run something to clean the carbs. Use 100 percent alcohol. About a half of cup. All that other stuff is junk for your bike.

  • I had a good experience with sea foam carb cleaner additive my choke needle was hanging up and that all broke it loose and cleaned it up till winter when I can pull it apart. But as far as I know hight octane gas is simply harder to burn and not good for lo conpression engines.

  • Unfortunately only thing in my area that is non-ethanol is the 91-93 octane. I run booster in it once in awhile, usually if I put cleaner in too.