This morning got all geared up to ride my 2003 Honda shadow spirit 750 and...


This morning got all geared up to ride my 2003 Honda shadow spirit 750 and turned ignition key all normal head light on etc. turned on the red switch kill switch and pushed the black start switch. and NO CRANK NO CLICK NOTHING. Played around with switching kill switch on an off a couple times and worked fine. rode to work 37miles no problems. tried it again and came to the conclusion it must be bad contacts in one of those switches on right handlebar. Any one have a link to replace this or maybe take it apart and clean contact's. Thanks in advance. it was about 31 to 40 degrees Farenheit. lol

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  • No need to replace go to an auto parts store and get some contact cleaner and take switch apart and spray with cleaner as your working the switch back and forth good to go just nuts and bolts just nuts and bolts

  • That's kind of what I was thinking too. Thanks Robert F. Bynum will do that.

  • Spray wd 40 into the swich housing. Wiggle the switches. Presto

  • You can also just jump the switch and don't use it anymore. Just use the key to switch off like the old bikes.

  • Yep I would do that for emergency purposes Bee Vang thanks for the tip. I ended up spraying electrical contact cleaner into the little drain hole and worked the switches back and forth a dozen times and Walla back in business.

  • U da man Eric you can fix anything now :)

  • Thank you for the tip. Appreciate that.