This one just sold on eBay


This one just sold on eBay

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  • There's 3 Pilots within 2 hours of me a lot cheaper than that

  • This one def is not worth 3200 sorry. But it needs way to much.

  • No Roof that's odd. The rest of it looks good.

  • Location, location, location when it comes to finding one and what kind of condition it's really in. I looked forever to find a super nice low hour machine.......then took the whole thing apart and rebuilt it from the ground up.

  • Agree with that, not $3200. The other I'd have to run it to see. The problem I ran into was everyone thought that they were Evil Knievel since they had a roll cage and a harness and beat the crap out of them......seen a lot of them with bent frames. They looked good until you tipped them up on the ass end.

  • Daniel Mlakar that's the problem my son is having with his fl350 restore. Once it was all apart and sandblasted you could see all the cracks, rust and bent everything

  • Crazy what they are selling for theses days but Daniel has a work of art. Lol that puppy will bring 10k on eBay for sure but I'm betting it's not for sale. I gave 5k for mine and she's in real good shape, but I wish the plastic was in a little better shape

  • This is what they said tho...less then 5hrs on it...thats with it sold for so much...

  • Yeah "less than 5hrs" lol

    Maybe so I bet I haven't even rode mine 5 hrs

    Well however long 1 tank of gas last

  • Who would spend that much on it with only four pic's taken in a dark garage? I'd wanna see that thing in person, running, driving and out in the sun light for that kind of money. Also if he owned it since new.......would most definitely have a pic of title and all of the dealer paperwork in the listing.

  • Also looks to be a lot of rust on the rear shock for being stored in a heated garage, wonder what the inside of the gas tank looks like or even the crank and bottom end.

  • Nice Pilot and that grey on the rims is a new twist.......kind of like the look over the white, really don't like them when painted black.

  • Daniel Mlakar yeah I'm not much on the white wheels.

  • Looks cherry