This should be fun

This should be fun.

  • Nice. What year?

  • Pre-70 as much as i know so far. JDM model. Comes with a friend.

  • S90 & Super Cub, cool!!

  • Kool

  • These two arrived today. One -owner pair from Tokyo, been in the country since '70.

    Both running, nasty tanks, new carbs, titles.

    The Super Cub has a parking light front center that I've never seen before...but I'm a newb to JDM models.

  • Are you customizing it Michael?

  • Not a chance Paul...the Cub goes to a chum as is, and I keep the blue S90. Chum has expressed intent to keep intact as original. Has 3,500 km on clock. He already has a S65 with a big Lifan (or Piranha) on it. The S90 will get tires, battery, tank as needed, and ridden as is too. Customs are swell...just not gonna.

  • When i was a kid we used to call the Cubs grandad bikes, as the riders always seemed to be old men. They are very trendy here now and most owners are quite young.

  • I like the Posties.