This time I m sticking to standard bore size for my 125 you need to machine the...


This time I'm sticking to standard bore size for my 125 you need to machine the crank case for big bore kit ✌️

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  • Hmm this one was way over Trace Woolery

  • Oh I tracked mine down on eBay and talked to the seller to make sure it was going to fit my cases with modification

  • Do you have the link to check

  • Il check it with my gauge no deal if you haven't got standard size on it's way

  • If its the 1 i think they machine the base of the barrel to fit into the case mouth and machine the piston also.. british company

  • Yeah that's where mine came from, I'll search and see if I can find them

  • U fitted yours trace? How do u rate it?

  • I believe that's the kit I got

  • Looks tidy enough.

  • Mine was direct fit no case boring, I haven't fired it yet, when I got it one of the fins were broke and that made me mad lol, I haven't fired this yet but this thing has incredible high compression.. I'm 185lbs and can stand on the kick starter and it won't budge.

  • Also had to trim a fin by the clutch lever. Not a big deal

  • Sounds like u have to really give it some boot to turn it over.. no big issue a quick trim for clutch. U shouldve asked seller for a knock down price on the broken 1

  • I shoulda! Kinda wish I had a compression release valve!

  • Haha i bet. A decompressor would help..

  • I'm gonna hook a compression tester to it in the next few days, do you know what a brand new stock 125 has for psi? Just wanna compare

  • I dont trace off the top of the head..