This will be the second time in 2 years I have to replace the junction box for...


This will be the second time in 2 years I have to replace the junction box for the stator . Melted from heat . Any ideas why this happens and how to fix it ?

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  • Want Hugh to come over and help you figure out how to relocate it?

  • location is not the problem , nothing else melted in the area , problem with stator

  • Well that's bad. Pinched wire maybe?

  • Or excessive draw because of the sidecar and the spotlight?

  • no , spotlight is off , and lights on sidecar are new .

  • When you say junction box? Do you mean the connector from stator regulator or fuse box?

  • three yellow wire junction bix that connects stator to wiring system

  • Eliminate any connections between the stator and the regulator. Just solder one yellow wire on the stator side to a yellow wire on the regulator side. Do this a total of three times insulate and protect. You will never have connection issues again. 95 oit of a 100 charging system problems are bad connections between the 3 wire connector. Just a poor design. Too much vibration poorly designed connectors that vibrate loosen get hot cause high resistance amd reduced charging system efficiency. It also causes regs to fail and stators to melt. I eliminated my connector and replaced my reg with a shindengen one. Voltage at idle or at 3500 rpms is 14.1v. I also changed 99 percent of the bulbs to LED. including headlights and driving and turn signal and brake.

  • That is where you can find the upgraded regulator

  • make sure the terminals in the plug are tight , loose wires will heat up and burn

  • before I direct wire , going to use a 4 wire trailer junction set up