• Thomas Owens created a poll in Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    What is wrong with me guys? I have a full bike license and ride a Triumph Street Triple R 675cc, But I have urges for these bikes.

    • Nothing at all. Lots of us all have big bike licenses and big bikes. I'm selling my 650 bmw and keeping the msx as its more fun to ride.

    • Haha. The force is strong with this one!!! They are serious fun :-) I have an NC30. It's hardly been used so far this year.

    • Haha it is normal I never have owned big bikes because of my age but I have had 2 30bhp RS125's and a Grom is more fun in every aspect except top end speed, below 50mph it is the most fun bike in the world ;) don't be fooled by the low price tag I can promise you will most likely invest some serious money if you get one but smiles per miles and all that :)

    • Me too I've got a 636 I haven't ride since nov. Love my msx!

    • we have 6 bikes… 2 of them are msx… msx is love, msx is life...

    • Nothing wrong with you at all..Folk's say to me "why are you riding around on a kids bike", but they just don't get it !!..it's not about speed, it's about the sheer fun of it...i have a breakout harley, but the MSX is the one i always want to ride on..big bikes have lost the appeal a bit for me...The little msx are just so much fun to ride, you either get it, or you don't..it's that simple..well i think so..

    • love em all, big and small. 8-)

    • Big and small

    • Fuck it i'm going to go test ride one soon.

    • Another plus of the Grom is look how little space it takes up ;)