• though I m not sure if this group is for me cause I own TWO old 450 CB s

    though I'm not sure if this group is for me, cause I own TWO old 450 CB's ;)

    One is 1969 Super Sport, it's in fair condition and it's waiting for restoration. Other is from -70's, it's missing cylinders and I bought it for spare parts. If someone owns extra cylinders, also that one still could be saved :)

    Onko täällä muitakin suomalaisia?

    • What do you mean the cylinders. Are you talking about the barrels

    • Well, english is not my own language and I may be wrong.

    • But I think I mean cylinders https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Cylinder_(engine) :)

    • Cylinders are barrels, just as mudguards are fenders, a bonnet is a hood, a boot is a trunk and the pavement is the sidewalk.

    • and an australian is an aussie

    • mate!

    • Are these the ones

    • Yes, that's what I'm talking about

    • And this is what I have );

    • do you need one?

    • Right now I don't buy Honda parts. Maybe later when I begin restoration of that 1969