• Throwing around the idea of listing this 1972 Super Sport 11k miles still...

    Throwing around the idea of listing this... 1972 Super Sport, 11k miles. still have a good portion of the original parts around. I'm in rochester, NY.

    I do have a trailer and could potentially deliver at your cost. Asking $2000. I'm in no rush at all to sell, I enjoy the bike but would like to work my way into something bigger.

    Runs 7.5/10, can be a little picky sometimes, gets the kinda common high idle problem occasionally. rebuilt carbs including throttle seals and a brand new rear tire with less than 300 miles on it. New battery too.

    • If you were near stl I'd take it off your hands...

    • I've got a trailer :) hahaha

    • Lol done think I could afford that, if you take a sight seeing trip though let me know lol

    • I've done crazier haha

    • Bump! Started it up and took her for a spin around the block again for the first time in like a month yesterday, and ran pretty well consider it's been sitting!