Throwing away at a benefit ride today

Throwing $ away at a benefit ride today

  • Your bike and your money but I can't understand why someone would jeopardize their bike and waste a tire doing burn outs.

    To each, their own.

  • Correct To each their own im sure you spend money on some things i would not spend mine on. Its all about what makes you happy.

  • Too much tread?

  • Going for the slicks :)

  • Yes just got the bike a cpl months ago and tires are dry rot anyways but it was also on a steel plate really didn't use as much rubber as being on pavement or concrete would have used

  • Not only the tire but remember the name, he'll be on here looking to replace his clutch soon.

  • Like the first guy said to each their own you probably blow your money on shity ass energy drinks to keep your eyes open i like the smell of smoke dont need energy drinks you keep buying energy drinks and ill keep buying tires and maybe a clutch if it comes to it

  • Thinking of doing the same with my Ace, I have new tires going on in the spring.

  • Yeah the one's on mine now are dry rotten so not loosing anything im buying a set of white walls for it soon