Thx for the add This is Betty Sue my second bike I ve ever owned First bike...


Thx for the add! This is Betty Sue, my second bike I've ever owned! First bike was 85 silverwing our kids were small my wife wanted no part of it period! But the day I bought our 2003 Honda shadow ace deluxe 750 that changed! Wife loves this bike as much as I do...this is a picture that her and my kids had made for me for Father's day years back it now hangs in our new house in my man cave! That was Betty Sue old bedroom! I'm an over the road truck driver so she is only sitting at 17,500 miles! She's got best in class and top 5 in couple local car and bike shows against Harleys! Thinking about turning her into a trike so as we get older and more time we can still keep riding her!!! Again thx!

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  • Betty Sue - love it!