time to change the tyres i think seen the ones i want how easy is it to change...


time to change the tyres i think, seen the ones i want, how easy is it to change these at home, or would i have to go to a tyre place?

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  • Good question, let me know if u find out. I was thinking of changing mine.

  • You will need at least. 3 of these

    But honestly just well get them fitted at a tyre shop for what it cost to get them changed, probably damage your rims doing it yourself

  • I m thinking abt changing mine too. Found a nice Michelin set.. So keep us posted re yr change.

  • It is quiet difficult on your own the kind of things you take to a professional, I have helped friends who have tried it and couldn't break the bead, lost the alignment of the spacers ect for what it's worth its a professional job IMO cost varies from £15-35 per tyre for fitting depending if the wheel is on the bike or not, now that winter is coming i would recommend the winter city grips or the normal city grips by Michelin :)

  • I want exactly these :-)

  • Hardest part is breaking the bead. I take wheels off and take them to tyre shop to break the bead. Then just need 3 tyre levers and lots of dish soap. Be very careful not to scratch the rims.

    I would suggest finding a place that fits tyres as most won't charge too much if you take the wheels in loose.

    It ain't easy.