• Time to go home

    Time to go home

    • Nice photo shame to go home with all the sun forecast this week

    • Thanks Anthony. We've had a fantastic time. I'll post the routes and some more photos when I'm back home and had chance to review photos and GoPro clips.

    • spero que lo hallas pasado bien en mi país, seguro que has comido bien.

    • thank you José we had a fantastic time everywhere. We ate tapas every day! looking forward to visiting Spain next year.

      Google translate: gracias José, tuvimos un tiempo fantástico en todas partes. Estamos tapas todos los días! ganas de visitar España el próximo año.

    • Think we were on the same boat back

    • Ah so you were the other CT then - I was about four bikes in front while waiting there under the canopy dockside. 15:15 (Spain) departure.

    • Yes mate , it's my second dct and this one was only two weeks old.

      Got a proper christening in the rain we had around the picos and Santiago. I was probably looking for my mates , I came through and they got diverted ? Must have been 15 minutes before I saw them so wasn't really looking around at the other bikes to well.

      Hope you had a good trip.

    • Aji Anthony Johnston Installations we had a great trip thanks (4 bikes: me, two Explorers and a Multistrada). We're planning on Pyrenees but diverted south to avoid rain. Found great roads and good weather, last two days in Picos and no rain.