To all the welders here


To all the welders here....

If you were a beginner about to buy a welder for your shed projects, would you go MIG or TIG?

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  • yeah, but it's the wrong tool for small and fine stuff on motorcycles, though.

  • Well next weeks basic will touch on TIG, including a quick go at Ally, then it's on to Oxy. Will see how it goes :-)

    Playing with the MIG on 3mm steel seemed to go well...playing with it on 1.6mm was painful. Trouble is, teacher appears to be either ill informed or just isn't interested judging by the response from the spool gun and the how to do a "stack of dimes" questions I asked

  • I couldn't disagree with that statement more. Entire frames are modified and/or built using a mig and they do just fine.

  • they're built using a mig, in a production line, and those are the only ugly and big welds that you encounter on bikes.

  • oxy is fun, though a little dangerous because it sometimes spits all over the place... :-)

  • Not if welded properly. Many modern day bicycle frames are built out of aluminum AND mig welded, and those welds flow into the various joints beautifully. Plus they look like the proverbial stack of dimes. Join any welding forum, and put your wants, needs, and desires when it comes to welding and the guys there will steer you in the right direction. Enough said.

  • Interestingly, i did ask this on another bike forum. Got mostly TIG recommendations......asked my fabrication shop and the welding shop I intend to buy from and both suggested MIG. lol

    I just wish timber would come back into fashion...I could nail that easily. lol

  • I'd recommend you to just try both, and decide on what you like more. i hated it when i had to weld lots of thick steel with my tig, as it takes hours and puts far more heat into the material than mig would have, but i didn't have a mig at that time. on the other hand... you can't weld mig without wire feed... but you can do that using tig. i mean welding, without adding material. like in this picture (stainless)

  • So I appreciate the replies, got to admit I'm still struggling with the right choice.

    "Teacher" is a waste of space it seems, last night this week so will try to get a bit more TIG time.

    Starting to sway towards a TIG/ARC machine, so could use the stick function for any larger/rougher type jobs?

    Am I right in assuming that a bottle of pure Argon will do for most steel, SS and Aluminium jobs using TIG?

    one thing putting me of MIG is the cost of different gases for the different metals.

  • You can add helium on thick aluminum weld jobs... That aside, it is pretty much true what you said.

  • If timber comes back in and you use nails make it easy on yourself...Mig those nails