To any GIRL GROM riders on here bumped into this through the vc london page...


To any GIRL GROM riders on here. bumped into this through the vc london page and am gonna head along there is a charity donation to ride but its for breast cancer so its a good cause.

They asked me to share it around and as i've deffo seen a few other ladies on here thought i'd give it a share. All the routes are 125 friendly :)



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  • Why can't guys join men can get breast cancer too

  • Whilst i didn't organise the meet and am aware men too can get breast cancer i'd imagine the organiser is using the race for life style template. May also be because there are a lot more rideouts that are mostly men and whoever was organising wanted there to be a rideout that had less of that.


    You can always organise your own one that is open to everyone, i'm sure the charity wouldn't mind multiple fund-raiser rides.

  • Go along Buster, you might pull a sort