• To Basket or Bag I just picked up my new Rancher last weekend and need a place...

    To Basket or Bag? I just picked up my new Rancher last weekend and need a place to put an axe, hatchet and saw.

    Cabela's has a great front/back bag for $59 which I think would work just fine. Doesn't block battery and coolant Bottle like a basket would either. Should I even worry about the battery and coolant bottle anyway?

    • I couldn't live without my basket on front, it has a coolant plate you remove with 2 bolts

    • Something like this:

      New 2007-2013 Honda TRX 420 TRX420 Rancher ATV Front Basket Front Carrier https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00R 6HCX7I/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_62JK ybVRVM7AH

    • Yep

    • I carry chainsaw , wood , deer & such dont know bout the bag for all that

    • Bag won't work for all of that.

      And that's the same stuff I'm looking to take into the woods myself.

    • Foot shift Gordon Stark?

    • 4x4, foot shift Blade.


    • Gordon Stark wish I bought a foot shift. I got a 2015 DCT straight axle.

    • He had a 2016 ES on clearance that he was really trying to sell me. But, for the same price I got what I wanted. Couldn't be happier. But those DCT's are sweet

    • They are if I don't try to sink it which it's used for farm work, trail rig and a hunting rig. The DCT is geared 15% higher than the foot shift and es machines

    • I dig the Black Crowes too :-)

    • But how often am I gonna need to access that coolant bottle? A friend just offered me his basket on permanent loan, but no coolant access panel though.......

    • I got the straight axle as well.

      Use it for light duty hauling stuff around the farm and of course trail riding.

    • Mine is all stock. For now. Later will be bigger tires like 25" tires and 12" rims then the hunting stuff

    • Mine only has 250 miles. Brand new still lol

    • I like that bag

    • You could put a Fiskars axe and saw and hatchet in that, right?

    • Lockable steel box! Who makes that one?

    • Where did you get hand guards to fit the 2014+ ranchers? I want those in black or green

    • moose

    • Do they have them in green?

    • Yup

    • With they fit a DCT 2015 rancher?

    • I would say so there's plenty a room around them

    • Hmm. Have link? Most say only fit 2007-2013 or some say 2014+ but idk

    • Coolant yes ride it for 3 days and it will go low then fill it up and womt have anymore trobles

    • Where did you get the box?

    • Walmart got stuff to

    • Love my basket on my '16 foreman

    • I have the bag on my rear rack, and it holds a lot of shit, keeps it dry, and it's easy to pull off.

    • DCT IRS

    • Yeah, I do more trail riding. Not to much mudding

    • My buddy has one. I got a SRA DCT bike

    • Yeah, only reason I got the automatic is it is easier for my family to just hop on and ride it, and I don't have to tell them how to shift it

    • Did you install the light yourself?

    • Well, a bag isn't likely to rattle either........

    • yes

    • 8" from Amazon?

    • Yes, but eBay