To the admins and moderators of this group


To the admins and moderators of this group;

Can you please try to have a little more control over who you let in. There is a new member. An older woman. She has been privately proposition men. She sends naked pictures of herself in grotesque poses along with close ups of her genitals. She is offering an iPhone 7 in exchange for sexual favors.

I am especially upset at this last part because, as it turns out the phone wasn't even an iPhone 7. It was a iPhone 6!!! And it obviously has a virus because it's ridiculously slow and on top of that, the power button sticks !

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  • Oh my. That's freakin' hilarious ! Did you write that one yourself ? Thanks for the good laugh this morn !

  • And mine wasnt red but Green

  • Lmao

  • Snig... :)

  • My screen was cracked

  • Hahaha