Today my wife and I went for a ride but as usual my wife takes the car with my...

Today my wife and I went for a ride, but as usual my wife takes the car with my daughter and I follow with my motorcycle. We were on the 405 some what near Issaquah and this %^&* in a Volvo black SUV didn't even check his blind spot; I know this because I was literally 2 feet from his face as he turned into my lane. I thank my father for all the years that he took me on motorcycle rides, and I learned from him by watching his moves. I was able to hit my horn and swerve out of the lane into the far left shoulder, and avoid crashing because of all the beautiful gravel that was placed right in front of me. Needless to say I showed him my feelings to him in a sign language format, so did my wife. we pulled over at the nearest exit and parked at a gas station were my wife shot out of the car in tears. according to her she said when she herd my horn and saw what position I was put in, our life together flashed before her eyes. Once again I thank my father for this, he never directly taught me how to ride , but indirectly did every day. Thanks Dad.....and I will do the same for my daughter.

  • I'm happy you came out ok. But I'm extremely thankful your wife didn't have to watch your possible death.

  • Long before I rode bikes on road I had words with a few bikers who I almost hit with my car. A simple line 'if you can't see my face in my mirrors then chances are I haven't seen you and you're in a blind spot'. I still believe that to be the case and alway make sure I've made eye contact to the point I know they've seen me, before I make my move. Unfortunately there are alway dumb asses who never use their mirrors and that's when you have to find some other way to be noticed, dropping a gear or two, basically making a noise or motion that hopefully may get you spotted. I do this for my wife's sake as I know how much she worries when I'm out, and I also know that bad drivers far outweigh the good ones. Glad you're ok and hope your wife's recovered too, it must have terrifying for her

  • hate to stereo type but I drive a taxi and witness a lot. As soon as I get behind a Volvo I do my best to get around him/her as fast as possible. they are normally slow, old, or arrogant, Tilly hat wearing hazards.

  • Hmmm, I'm not like that at all, well not slow anyway

  • oh believe me not all Volvo drivers are the same.

  • In fairness I find more SUV drivers to be like that, not just Volvo, my car is a small Volvo so it doesn't couldn't lol

  • Happy to read you're well and more happy to read that you will teach it to your daughter! Send you hugs from Spain!

  • Thankful you are ok brother.

  • Thank God you are O.K., be super careful and defensive.

  • I'm glad you're ok. I live in Issaquah and refuse to go on the freeway around here. Between the idiots on their phones, the dead stop traffic & the 405/90 interchange and the crappy freeway potholes, asphalt snakes and misc road hazards in that 8 mile stretch, I take the long way around when on my bike or go eastbound. Westbound is nuts and 405 North until you pass downtown Bellevueand and 520 is suicidal. I feel you.