• Today on the ferry planning route to avoid the forecast rain in NE Spain

    Today on the ferry, planning route to avoid the forecast rain in NE Spain. Tomorrow Bilbao.

    • Good luck

    • Cool

    • Route planning

    • Time for espresso and patisserie.

    • bon dégustation !!!

    • whats your route now?

    • Anthony Bettell Tuesday: Bilbao, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Logrono, Nájera, Barbadillo de Herreros, Aranda de Duero.

    • Thanks I will check that out! I want to do a trip this autumn, either the Pyrenees or the French Alpes, The last three years I have toured Corse, so beautiful and a bikers paradise but would like a change so if you keep us posted during this trip and find some good places to stay please share them they might be handy for me this year have a good Tuesday and look forward to torows update ride safe

    • Tomorrow's update (pardon)

    • We are arriving at Bilbao and it is raining with low clouds.

    • not a good start :-((

    • There is good news. The weather has improved and it's sunny and warm 17C in Logrono.

    • I have placed my order today and pick up my 2014 crosstourer next week ,,,,cant wait!!

    • been looking at your road plan ,, had some nice twisty today!!