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Todays paper

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  • Why change a good thing ay

  • go back to old ones best option

  • This is old news. .because the new postie i think came out 2 years ago..and they had this problem then..they were actually scared that they might catch on fire..

    The reason they went to the super cub is because honda stopped making the ct110 australia wasnt buying enough for honda to keep making them

  • I think new emission regulations also were a factor in Honda making the new bikes.

  • They don't make them anymore.

  • That's the problem. They should!

  • This is not new news. honda issue a recall at the end of 2013 for the pump. Fucken done so many of them.

  • This is only one of the problems and recalls

  • I heard that there has been some super cub gearbox failures.