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Hello guys so I'm riding my postie pike from NZ to the uk for a couple of charities and I'm trying to look at cheepest and the best way to get my bike from NZ to Oz has any one done this and can any one help advise on this. My web sites come check it out.

  • Hi Tom, Tara told me about your shennanigans. Im doing a similar trip in January.

    Best way is probably to airfreight it. Less hassle, less fucking around and probably not much more expensive.

  • I shipped a bike from NZ a few years ago. It was a larger bike. As I was very keen to protect it i had a crate made (metal) for it and shipped it LCL. I would suggest you contact DHL Global Forwarding and ask their advice. For a wooden crate it will likely need fumigation. Also you WILL need import approval from Australia. You need to get this prior to export because if it arrives in Aust without approval it won't be able to be customs cleared and you will incur storage charges which are very expensive or you may need your return your bike to NZ. Hope this helps

  • And youll need to clean it. Then clean it again. And again.

  • +1 +1 +1. Do not underestimate the need for very thorough cleaning to get quarantine clearance into Australia

  • And that, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is why im not bothering to send mine over, but buying one in Caboolture.

  • The thing is Matt there seem to be much more CT'S in NZ with the Hi/Lo gearbox whereas in Australia they are relatively hard to find and most can't be registered. I wouldn't want a CT without the hi/lo

  • The hi/los are farm vehicles here - getting them rego'd is a costly enterprise. Better to just buy a replacement engine/gearbox

  • Paddle tyres and some floaties.

  • Mine is an old farm bike that has the hi low and has also got a rego the lovely people at Honda Timaru helped put on it for me. Do you know of any good air freight company's?

  • O your Tara's mate cool... I did think about just getting one there but defeats the point a bit and I love my little bike. I have to if you wanted on lol it's in NZ.

  • DHL Global Forwarding

  • I got one cheers mate, took me to Colac Bay on the weekend :)

  • Good luck mate if you ride through Sydney's west let us know. Have a safe trip.

  • thank you I will do.