Tom M. Batchelor shared a link to the group: Honda V45 and V65 owners (Sabre/Magna).


I did the COP mod on the Magna today, courtesy of V4Spark Picked up the Denso coils from Fleabay and plugs for connecting to the coils from a source listed on his site. Had everything in a couple days, spent about 4-5 hours doing it, but I solder everything including the wires after crimping on the plug contacts at the coils. Programmed the units for COP and changed dwell to recommended by the creator of these neat igniter boxes. Not cheap, but WOW, the difference in starting and performance is staggering. I made a quick vid for Flutube, here's that link. #motorcycleignitionhardening

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  • If you change the stock wiring just a bit it will be even better.

  • And did the performance improve too?

  • Sorry- just re read and saw you already said that..

  • Stock wiring does not play a role except to turn on a relay that provides power to each coil. Rest is all new. He sells a breakout harness that plugs into the harness to receive signal from the pulse coil but on the power side it's all fresh stuff.

  • Yeah, that's the way to do it. Disconnect the wires from the handlebars and just use one to trigger the relay that is connected to the battery.

  • I was one of the first to use COP's on a V65. I wired them like this.

  • Right, you went series which raises the impedance and reduced the current draw. I could have done the same but the modules are USB programable and I set them for a 2.5ms dwell with his COP function selected which reduces the current draw and the coils won't get overheated because he says these Densos are 1.4 ohms each and stock coils 2.8. The programming compensates for the decreased impedance by shortening the dwell and I get more energy going individual than series.

  • Biggest improvement?

  • Jumps to life. Cold start with choke would fire, then drop RPM almost die. Now it takes off. Quick throttle response. Smooth and no misses where it did.

  • Gee I got my bike to run great just by proper maintenance and tuneing.. no cost.

  • Well, some components just get old and worn out. The cdi boxes and coils do not last forever. They were old technology when the bike was new.