Tom mckain is looking for a 250r motor

Tom mckain is looking for a 250r motor.

  • Graham Segal

  • I have one.

  • 3307019638, text or call.

  • i'll have him call you brian

  • treat him right brian

  • I have a nice bottom end, and an 88 cylinder and head that would need a bore and piston. Stock porting

  • Graham Segal has a Nice complete motor at a steal of a price

  • I decided to keep it...thanks though everyone

  • Steve Clegg has a nice paul turner motor for sale

  • thats more than is wants to spend

  • What kind of price?

  • Whats the price?

  • $1300

  • What all comes with it and is the engine ready to go?

  • yes ready to bolt in and ride