• Tom Patterson shared MotoGP's video to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    Wow I must learn to do this on my bike! Haha

    • Stoppies are relatively easy on a MSX, ask Lee Bridger, he's a pro lol

    • I find harder on the MSX than a big bike as harder to keep stable with little weight, I can roll Bandits etc for ages at upto 80mph, rolled an SV650 at 80 with a passenger for some distance, guys in the Grom group doing 360 stoppies.

    • Learn to do a stoppie not to hard this bikes won't let him take his back wheel higher

    • I can roll 2x longer on the Grom then the r6 super easy!

    • So if they say it's hard they are a pussy lol

    • Haha of corse it's not that it's not that hard to do a stoppie on a MSX it's just that Pedroza's stoppie was quite incredible. Just look at the speed he carried in the the corner!