• Tonight s top tip When doing an oil and filter change Don t forget to put...

    Tonight's top tip... When doing an oil and filter change... Don't forget to put your reading glasses on when refilling with oil... Now how do I get oil out

    • Syringe an line into the filler or slacken off the sump bolt to a slight trickle I did the second

    • Same as the way you got the old stuff out lol

    • Just undo the drain plug and hold it in place whilst you let some oil dribble out....

    • I did it the same way....

    • Turn the bike upside down & shake it......lol

    • How did you get out the old oil?

    • Release

      the oil filter a bit and let the oil drip out

    • Just drain it all out into a clean container and start again.

    • I am going to go with Seans suggestion... It seems to be the easiest and I can wire brush the underside while the fluids are dripping