took a spill on wednesday morning no broken bones just some road rash and...

took a spill on wednesday morning. no broken bones just some road rash and bruises on hands, leg and side. lucky i'm still, to buy a helmet.

  • Happy that you are safe. Sorry about the bike and helmet.

  • For what it's worth, I like the apes...

  • luckily the grass was wet and i slipped instantly, see that ditch a few feet away? its a 10 foot drop. thanks for the good wishes everyone. like i said, i'll be posting some pics as i restore it. looks like i wont be riding much this summer but hey, at least houston has no winter!

  • Hey Gilbert, it's not very often I see apes on any honda, much less on this page. How tall are you, the height of the bars, what seat and how's your reach on full lock slow speeds?

  • curt, this set up was made for me it seems considering my height. i'm 5'5 stock seat, 10.5 inch rise on the bars with an 8 inch pullback sitting on 3 inch risers. reach is super comfortable for me. my arms are

  • about an inch above my shouldlers

  • best bet, sit on the bike, put your hands where theyre comfortable and have a buddy measure. usually when youre shopping for bars they'll give you the dimensions

  • Your bars were in line with the forks? Or forward or pulled back? Btw, I HATE the look of bars that are leaned back farther than the forks... Anyway, I have a mustang seat that I need to swap out for something (not sure what yet), but I'm 5'7", so it's good to know. Thanks!

  • aligned with forks. no problem, man

  • side of the road. pic was taken after my buddy picked it up