Took my 14 year old niece out for her first ride today I figured she d want to...


Took my 14 year old niece out for her first ride today. I figured she'd want to go around the block, and that's it.

47 miles later, I think she's hooked.

Future Shadow Rider, for sure!

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  • I started really young. I always told my dad to go faster. Now at 46 years old I just got my first bike. I don't know why I waited so long

  • Same here I'm 49 n just got my first one in the fall rode dirt bikes a good bit when I was younger but I know they are different beasts all together start me early is good

  • Took my wife across lookout mountain today. About 39 miles. She loves riding too. Gonna drag the shadow to smokey mts this summer on a trailer. Wife is disabled so she cant take extremely long rides. Glad yor niece liked her ride and i bet she will want a bike now

  • She never expressed an interest in riding until she was hanging out with Brian Myers and I in the garage on Thursday. And all she's talked about since was her ROTC drill competition and going for a ride on the Phantom.... You can't say no to that!

  • Never got to give my nieces a ride. Almost did once after they finished a ball game which was a few blocks from their home. But her mom butted in saying she didn't want to drive home alone. That was her saying in a nice way that she didn't want my niece riding with me. A couple years later I learned she rode a bike with a friend. =(