Took the little shite in to Honda this morning for the second lot of warranty...


Took the little shite in to Honda this morning for the second lot of warranty work. I'm telling him it doesn't run and I hope it's due to the faulty fuel pump, he basically tells me it's more likely due to not bringing it to Honda for servicing and this could void my warranty. Ok, like I can't/didn't change 1 liter of oil myself. Err... It's a 3+ year old, heavily modified 125, how much warranty did I have left anyway?!

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  • Weird, Honda are usually pretty cool with you self servicing, as long as you can demonstrate a good service history with the proper parts/consumables :/

  • It's the first time I've had a bike that's anything near new. Never had to even think about warranty before. Still don't really care about it considering all the mods I've done.

    Just really hope it starts after they've done the pump, now.

  • When I took mine to Honda Blade Abingdon they put 1.8L of oil in mine

  • Still raging. I have a letter in my hand says 'change fuel pump or fuel may not get to engine causing it to stall and be hard to start'. Bike stalled like running out of juice and is now hard to start. Diagnosis? Didn't bring bike for over priced oil change.

  • I service mine and specifically checked warranty with them before ordering. If I can show proof of purchase for oem parts and that I complete all checklist items on each service then there SHOULD be no issues. I asked them before this about what in a service and they said they do not do valve clearances as they never change in these. When I said I would be servicing it they said that I must make sure I do valve clearances lol

  • Bloody hell they just called me to say they already changed he pump

  • It dont take long Buster did mine in about 40mins

  • Starts now but still stalls after a few seconds. Wonder what it still could be. Perhaps the ficon2 is letting me down.

  • Wasn't booked in til 20th, only left it on the off chance they could fit it in!

  • Hahahahaha good service

  • I'm disappointed, can't rage any more

  • Are you getting a solid voltage level from the battery and generator?

  • Haven't tried anything much yet, went straight for fuel pump as culprit. Will recharge the battery as it is gonna be low after repeated start attempts. I have a lithium battery to fit, somewhere