Tracy Mckie Peart shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners!

An update for 'Benny' Vee from the VTR Forum guys if anyone is wanting to send a card or something..

Re: Benny Update

Guys current total is £450

Banksy just called me and told me about this evening, he is also going to give me details of Daz from NWBikers who is one of their MODS. Think they are going to try and organise a mass rideout in Bennys memory (details to follow)

NWBikers are also doing a collection and we will put both funds together to give to the family. We are also going to do a VTR wreath if everyone is in agreement.

Will keep posting on this thread as and when I hear anything.

If anyone wants to send personal flowers or letters of condolence to his family I have been given his address for this to happen. If you require it send me a PM

  • 1st Aug

  • The amount is almost £600 now..

  • This is a great result Tracy !

  • awesome good there a time for this even please as i need to start calling in favours

  • Such a tragic thing to such a good bloke. Is there any update on how it happened yet?

  • Not as far as I can find out, i'm sure it will all be made common dog son enough...

  • It doesn't seem a dangerous corner. Something awful must have happened.

  • too soon to speculate hun..

  • It looked a lot bigger/wider and sweeping than the police photo showed it to be..Will have to wait to hear..

  • I know it's too soon to speculate but it's hard not to.