Tracy Mckie Peart shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners!


Anyone wanting 'Benny stickers' here is the link and all donations go directly to the family..

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  • I'm crap on computers, will get Helen to sort it, my mates from work ( almost all bikers ) want some as well, did'nt know him but still feel the loss :(

  • aye, just pm macv2 as it says on the post and it'll go from there x

  • send me your email and i'll send it along to Macv2

  • I'd be grateful if Marcello Castellucci could pin this post in favour above last one as another opportunity to raise money for the family via the decals.. Anyone having any trouble logging in or making contact, I can do my best to forward your emails to Macv2 no problems. i can do this quite quickly but please bear in mind he is going to be inundated with requests so you may have to be patient for a reply. Thanks guys

  • The guys on the forum have given their time to design, provide mailing system FOC and another guy is dealing with the donation part of it. If anyone has a problem, I'd be happy to pass along your details to Macv2 but please be patient as he is bound to be inundated with requests but he will get back to you if you have problems sending your info. I will do my best to help if I can, even if it is only to pass your email/request along. All donations are to be handed to the family, you need to specify your email, how many (min £5 per decal) and black or white? thanks guys and girls.

  • Here is Macs Fb page so you can contact him direct guys eam

  • For Steven Steve Kay here is the link you need, it wouldn't allow me to send you a private message for some reason! Pm mac from the link above and he'll sort it out for you. -)

  • Thanks Tracy, had the same problem on mobile useing pm but worked ok on home pc!