• Tracy Mckie Peart shared a link to the group: Honda VTR 1000 Firestorm owners!

    Some of the Firestorm guys and gals are having their Annual Operation Storm in mid Wales this weekend camping here :http://www.wyesidecamping.co.u k/ but if you can't make the camping, and maybe want to get in on the big ride including lunch ( full day out around 280 miles) all VTRs welcome as there is a great route planned.. Se thread for links. Dave and I are riding over there leaving early doors as it leaves the camp at 9.30am prompt. Anyone coming from Wales for an on the day blast,welcome.. A fantastic route taking in some of the best roads in Wales and a godo stop off for lunch in Bala. Here's hoping for dry weather!

    • The route: http://goo.gl/maps/i3aej We will not be doing the southern loop section as we live there and have to ride part of that route to get home later.. :-))

    • 280 miles of the route! whoop...49 miles from our door..so a big day out and one small air cushion for padding coming our way lol... don't fancy feeling like i've sat on a load of breeze blocks all day lol.. Sooner the seats are done the better lol..

    • I be there and be at your house on Friday morning :)

    • Yep, nps...Cya there, I assume you're riding over with Shaun Westaway? I'll do you guys a map from here to the camp, it's not that far..maybe 49 miles or so from here up the cracking 483 out of Llandovery ( which is one road from here 16 miles) easy peasy bestest roads!

    • Shaun meeting me up at camp site as he got loads work on

    • ok, will do you a simple map, dead easy roads from here..