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Hi John Hinsby, this should help, but it is down th personal choice, we have never had any problems with ours and have done at least 4 of our bikes and some mates VTRs too. up to you, hope you finds it helpful..

Basically you have to take the cam chain tensioner off, then the head off the tensioner itself, drop in a piece of metal typically around 6mm long and put the head back on. If the spring then does collapse or break at any point in the future, it stops the worm screw inside the tensioner collapsing back so far so the cam chain cannot skip the teeth on the cams and it keeps the chain under tension.. So basically you make the piece metal to fit, usually around 6mm.

Much cheaper and better as you cannot see it and would never know it was there! The manuals are ugly, and you can see them but most guys aren't bothered, I have had this stopper mod done now on 4 of our VTRs and I rode my old one for 3 years and sold it on with the stopper mod in place for 3 years and never had another problem with it.. It is best to do it when tank is almost empty for obvious reasons! Works like a dream... Much cheaper option if money is an issue or you simply don't see the point in spending roughly £? when a £2 piece (if that) of metal will do it and it works!

The diagram should help explain it as it is the one off the forum.

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