Tried out some hydro dipping for some accents

Tried out some hydro dipping for some accents

  • I just cleared it gotta wait awhile to put the parts back on and ya they have tons of designs its call my dip kit

  • I put them on quick for you have to hit them with another coat of clear tho

  • Bike should be all black next week

  • I'll take those! :)

  • Nice

  • Now you just gotta do the rest of the bike. Was it expensive?

  • It's not to bad for as much material you get think the whole kit was 80 bucks....I'm a painter I'm actually painting my whole bike in black magic metal flake I'm just waiting for all my parts to come from BCB for my bobber project

  • Hell yeh I painted my bike tuxedo black. Thinking of a round two but without the clear coat. Flat looks way better

  • Ya a nice flat black with a matte clear is a sick combo have always loved that look Im Just going heavy on the metal flake on mine because I loved the old paint jobs of the 70s and since I was not around for that in person I'll bring it back alittle bit haha

  • Lol cool cool,I just picked up a 79 cb650 for 87 bucks. I'm gonna do a cafè bike