Tried reconnecting my front blinkers and when i did instead if the blinkers...

Tried reconnecting my front blinkers and when i did instead if the blinkers working individually they would only blink as the hazards. Can someone help. 2000 vt1100

  • if both front indicators ate coming on when only one should be , it has nothing to do with resistance ( fitting bulbs or resistors) you shouldnt be getting power to the side not selected .honda bulbs DONT have a soecific resistance designed for honda , they are universal and the resistance of the wire in a bulb isnt a user application issue . theres voltage getting to the side that shouldnt be on .

  • looking at the schematic for mine ( albeit 125) but would imagine simple circuits to be similar . the orange is LEFT signal and blue RIGHT . the wires only go from indicator back to switch and dash light and then rear light in parallel . So for your other indicator to be coming on i would look at a short in your switch or relay ..the only way it can be powered so both come on at once would be a dodgy switch or relay imo .. fitting diodes like mentioned shouldnt be needed in a good circuit .

  • It's not a short!

    It's acting normally after installing LEDs.

    Diodes are the cure, unless the indicator bulb is removed.

  • No its not . how can both coming on ( one side getting power from opposite side) just because you have changed to a lower current requirement unit ? . A diode is to stop voltage travelling in a particular direction , there SHOULDN'T be any power getting to the side NOT selected . All replacing " normal" bulbs with LED should do is maybe flash too fast or not flash at all . a simple LED relay with speed adjust would sort this .for both to light both must be getting power and they shouldnt be

  • Okay I'm not going to argue about it.

    There's plenty of information on how and why it happens when switching to LEDs.

    I did my 2002 Sabre last year and it worked flawlessly but you need the diodes on the indicator bulb.

    Check out the forum lots of info there.

    Good luck

  • hows the voltage getting from say the left side indicator to the right side ? Switch OR relay , there the only 2 places . if the switch is fine then it must be relay , an LED relay is designed for such low current application . this is the same as putting resistance somewhere in the circuit using a bulb with a " normal" relay .. end of the day all thats changed is current requirement .. NOT arguing just re wired a few bikes and trikes and any issues iv ever had were solved with an LED relay , iv never bothered with diodes except on a hazard circuit

  • Through the indicator bulb

  • but they are separate circuits . only possibly " connected" via switch or relay OR earth .. that said im only going off my 125 shadow diagram but would imagine very little difference . does the bike have hazards ?

  • Must be different schematic on the 1100s ? Than the 125s

    But the indicator is wired stock to both bulbs.

  • All the wiring necessary to fix this is accessable in the headlight bucket.

    Both indicators, ground, and indicator bulb circuit are required.

    Insert the diodes and away you go.

    They will flash faster until you use a electronic/solid start flasher though.

    I left my stock flasher,I like the faster blinking

  • then my apologies, seperate on my diagram ..

  • No problem