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  • Yea I no it's messed up I was on cregslist a couple months back a guy had a 250r everything was there but the moron needed put back on and he wasent sure why he took it off lol so idk wat problems it had and it was on the opposite side of the state of me and the guy want 950 for it lol

  • Yea I live in Missouri and 3 wheelers down here are not cheap at all lol

  • I'm in KS.

  • This is my 185 I put some gator tires on it and I have not been stuck in any mud lol

  • Its hard to find them in Kentucky, or any where! Lmao

  • Yea we'll I was born up in Pennsylvania then moved to Ohio and 3 wheelers are actually fairly cheap in Ohio and Pennsylvania lol

  • Wat I can't seem to find is racks for mine I use this on the farm alot and I tow alot with it so I have been trying to find a rack for the front and back and no one wants to sell them lol wat the heck man lol

  • Build some racks!

  • Lol that has been an option for a while I think I'm just gonna have to do it lol

  • its easier if you start in second gear. Sit down you'll find the center of balance faster, and you get to use the rear brake which is essential for ass scratching wheelies.