Trying to see what the previous owner did wrong in wiring my aux driving lights


Trying to see what the previous owner did wrong in wiring my aux driving lights. As he explained it, he hooked them up so they would light up when using your high beams. They didn't work when I purchased the bike and I would now like to have them work with the main headlight as regular driving lights.

Who's wired their own and what did you wire them to? I traced the wiring and it is connected to what appears to be the temperature light on my speedometer. Having seen this, I just now realised that temp light doesn't light up when I turn the key. All other lights and signals work, just not that temp light and the aux lights themselves. Being a complete noob my plan is to disconnect the aux lights from the temperature light, but where should I hook it up? Any advice would be appreciated, preferably before I accidentally set fire to my bike.

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  • I have a similar problem. I don't know how to wite mine at all! I want them to work on highbeam.

  • I uncovered some electricl tape wraps on the wire and found several punctures where they "tested" the wire. So apparently they had trouble fixing it too. I did poke around a bit and I don't recall if the temperature light on my speedometer EVER lit up. I could have loosened something and caused it to quit working. I'm sure if I at least relocated the wiring of the driving lights I could at least get them working, but I don't want to attach them to the wrong thing and cause some sort of catastrophic failure - cause that's the kinda luck I have.

  • Piggyback off the back of the headlight connector. I had to run new thicker wire for the power to the lights as the thin standard wire couldn't handle all those lights and started melting. Use a relay. I'll have a look online I'm sure there are lots of diagrams on how to do it.


  • Should run off the low beam light wire. I've made a relay I need to install. Somewhat similar to the posting above. With a 12v 40 amp relay. Hooking up the the battery with a inline fuse.