Trying to take the bar end off the left side bar Should I just pull or is...

Trying to take the bar end off the left side bar. Should I just pull or is there a more technical way?

  • Push, pull and hold the handlebar weight, use 3rd hand to stop internals spinning and at the same time unscrew - whilst standing on one leg and bike must be pointing due east at midday. Pg 212 (13-5) VTR Honda Service Manual.

  • My mate, Paul Sparkes one was wedged in the same way. I clamped some multigrips on the inside of the weight and tapped it out with a soft hammer as the unit was corroded. I'm pretty sure he had to order a new insert (not because I tapped it out but because of the corrosion).

  • Knock it in first then pull.

  • Baz is correct, pair of vice grips firmly locked on bar end, then gently tap the vice grips away from handle bar with nylon hammer, worked a treat, had to get new bar ends ( all scuffed and gouged from previous owners drop) and new internals cause of corrosion, but good result, no damage to clip ons

    You know what they say:

    When in doubt use a hammer, bigger the doubt, bigger the hammer.

    (Except when your working on your own bike)

  • Thanks guys! I got the bar end off by using narrow (courtesy of the grinder!)vice grips, a screwdriver and a 15mm spanner to turn the screwdriver. I began to take the retaining clip out too but then remembered that I don't need to if I'm swapping the clip ons.

  • The right way up!

  • Question! Are VFR750 bars heavy enough to cancel the v-twin vibration?

  • I don't think there are bars in existence that can cancel the vibration from that twin... lol ....hence I went to a triple! !

  • Grip the e end with mole grips and gett a 8mm drill bitt and drill the head off the screw then remove the threaded rnd of the screw with the grips .its good to be a engineer

  • No...

    Cos I still get vibes when I ride my vfr.

    I do have really heavy bar ends on both my bikes. It does make a difference.

  • The screw expand a rubber in the handle

  • ive gone flat bars n still have the issue,

  • I honestly HATE how the original bars and bar-ends are made.