TSS velocity stack. And so it starts


TSS velocity stack. And so it starts ...

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  • Velocity stack?

  • Fancy name for an air funnel ;)

  • Have you done many other upgrades? Ive only had my msx about 3 weeks now and want to start modding stuff lol

  • Not yet mate. Same as you. New owner and 'running in'. It was meant to be left standard as I have other bikes and this is my commuter. But ... Bars and mirrors have been done, decent tyres (contimove365s in my case) ... This thing and a K&N filter. Pipe on order. Then that's it. Hahaha.

  • Brocks velocity stack

  • Where does it fit on?

  • How can you tell? ;)

  • Inside the airbox. Behind the filter. Replaces the standard 'snorkel'.

  • I paid for it, and installed it :-)

  • Ahhh rite, I though it was an external fitment or something

  • Are they expensive?

  • DNA filter

  • removed the OEM air filter and the intake tube behind it.

  • it probably does nothing for the stock power, but I will install a big bore kit.

  • The DNA filter certainly has increased surface area over stock!

  • Agreed. But it's good to tinker.

  • I will also install this Takegawa big intake snorkel

  • For what they are ... Yes.

  • Lol waddya talking? 20quid?

  • yeah right, that's it :-)

  • 25. Reassuring expensive.

  • Lmao thats grim...

  • $50 +

  • Wow. Impressive girth.

  • Why are they all making alu velocity stacks?? plastic is just fine... and lighter! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:822042

  • That's one printed from the link above

  • Nice to see a print of somebody else

  • Is that a merkin to the left?

  • Guess they are tooled up for it. How much is a hobby 3D printer and consumables at present? Interested.

  • Would someone like to print me one cheap? Lol