Tudor Toma Hey man Just been looking At some of your photos what camera you...


Tudor Toma Hey man.... Just been looking. At some of your photos what camera you have

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  • Mostly use a Canon 600D which is a base model with a nice F1.4 lens and I sometimes borrow my dads 60D when I want to do something a bit more proper, here is my favourite photo I have taken with the 600D

  • Very very nice.... Think I might have to go shopping.... When you take photos of the bikes what lens you have is it a 50mm

  • 50mm F1.4 my favourite lens of all time

  • If I got one of those and popped it on a 1100d could I still get some nice shots like you? Looks awesome photos

  • Yeah mate its really not that much about the camera, its your location how you frame your photo, how you edit it and your subject people have taken some insane photos with just Iphone cameras it just matters how creative and in depth you are willing to get with your photography after that its all just practice and taking photos of different things that really helps your skills in taking photos of bikes and cars :)

  • Awesome well thanks for you help and advice man.... I naught just pick up a lens :p

  • Here is a photo I took at Ace Cafe with the same 50mm set up

  • Yeah the 50mm looks awesome for photographs :)