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Rose Joint Kits back in stock guys :)

  • Will you be remaking these mate ?

  • As skint till Friday

  • I doubt they will sell out till Friday mate but I can keep one spare for you

  • Cheers mate 100% first upgrade I wanna do and getting the bike Friday too

  • Keep wanting one of these and only now just been bothered to order one, hope it's as good as everyone says

  • Mine's arrived and about to go on

  • Got mine

  • Ebay says may not ship to Canada? Will you? If so grab a price through the Post Office please for Postal Code T1S 1T1 in Alberta

  • Fitted mine yesterday

  • I do have one spare mate I'll check for shipping to Canada most likely be the same as the US & Australia where I have sent before which was £9.55 tracked postage

  • Nice one mate thanks

  • Nice glad it got to you in time

  • Drop me a PM so I can send a payment through Pay Pal please :)

  • Sent you a message with the details :)

  • Tudor Toma Replied

  • Will this stop my second sometimes jumping into neutral

  • That's the bike not engaging the gear mate I would check your clutch adjustment make sure you have enough play in it and the biting point is not too close to the bar and that when you change you tap it up properly, however I do think a rose joint will help you get through the gears more smoothly :)