Tudor Toma updated the description of the group Honda MSX125 Owners Club.


Hi, and welcome to the official owners club for the brilliant Honda MSX125 (or GROM if you are American)

House Rules:

-Please, leave all hate as thoughts in your head, If you do not like something and/or feel the need to put someone down for anything, keep it to yourself. We are all here for the same reason, to make friends and share our love of the Honda MSX, there is no need or room for hate here.

-If you find anything that you feel is not suitable or offensive please contact either Jack Dempsey Osborne or Tudor Toma the group admins, and if we agree with your comment we will remove the relevant post.

-As for selling: We allow for sale posts but they require a BUY IT NOW price (that means NOT just putting offers) you are allowed to take offers on a item but it has to have a stated price in the advert.

-If you are a trade seller please contact Jack Dempsey Osbourne or Tudor Toma and please do not spam your product. If you do your posts will be removed.

-Bumping posts is allowed but not excessively once every 12 hours max.

Any issues feel free to message us.

And finally, enjoy your stay and ride safe.

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